How we got started

xxxxIn July 2000 we were dog-sitting Nanny and Boogie, Uncle Marks's dachshunds, when we decided to walk in our local Sausalito parade. The problem: what to do with the dogs? The solution: Real hot dogs! We bought two rectangles of foam and shaped them with a kitchen knife. The ketchup and mustard were made of copper wire stuffed in cotton piping and pushed through a tube of fabric. We walked that parade three years in a row and our neighbors never stopped laughing at those hot dogs. In February 2001 we set up a web site and started making buns out of (you guessed it) our garage. Now we contract with a small foam factory in Dallas, but we still ship from our kitchen. Although we'll never be a Fortune 500 company, we get to laugh with our customers and we think that's a business worth doing right.

-Sincerely, Terri Barton & Family


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