Hot dog buns for Halloweenies!

xxOur buns are made of soft, lightweight molded foam, a lot like a nerf ball. The skin is smooth and we hand airbrush it to give our buns that fresh baked look. Each side has two strips of velcro imbedded in the foam which are used to attach the elastic harness. The squiggle is also made of foam but the color is added before it's hand poured into the mold. Our harness is made of high quality black elastic and attaches to your dog with velcro connectors around the chest and upper belly. Although it varies from batch to batch, each costume weighs approximately 18-20oz. We are proud to say our costumes are made in the good ole U.S. of A. Which only seems fitting for a hot dog costume.

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Standard Dachshund & Pug Daschunds

Miniature Dachshundshot dog buns